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Chasing Shadows, Oil on panel 18 x 24 inches

After completing my latest artwork titled "Chasing Shadows", I found myself reflecting on a belief I have always held: "That I do not choose my subjects, but rather they choose me." This notion holds some truth, as each painting represents a concept that emerges from various sources of inspiration.

These sources can manifest themselves at any time, in a dream, a gentle breeze, a ray of light, a falling leaf, or a fleeting movement caught in the corner of my eye. The images I create are never copied, nor from just a single point of view. I am constantly manipulating, editing, and reshaping the composition to improve my subject through drawing, the paint, values or the gesture of a brush stroke.

What intrigues me most, beyond the painting of a work of art, is I never truly comprehend what compels me to transform these ideas into art. They simply materialize when I least expect them, akin to my shadow persistently trailing behind me. Although I am aware of its presence, I am left to consider its message and why I am so fixated on pursuing it.

Perhaps the answer lies within the next painting, and then the one after that.


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