"I do not choose the subjects that I paint, they choose me."

 Philip J. Carroll 

I have been painting landscapes ever since I was a small child from the rural scenes of New Jersey to the rocky coast of Maine. It is a passion to explore new and exciting areas around the world in search of wonderful scenes to capture in my paintings.


I have been spending more time in Maine and Nova Scotia in the last few years as they truly are worlds unto themselves. Similar cultures but miles apart in their thinking and approach to life. I cannot get enough of their rocky coastlines, cool nights, and magnificent vistas.

Still life has always been a genre that I am drawn to ever since I first saw Cezanne and later the paintings of Walter Murch. They are my own personal world of objects mixed with the things I have collected over the years.


Small paintings on location are the very first encounter for the artist to gather information on an intimate scale. I like to paint mostly in water color on location, and will occasionally create a small oil if time allows.

I have always painted in water color from the very first time I picked up a brush. I will occasionally paint a large water in the studio from my studies but mostly it is the medium of choice for sketching out in the field. It is my first impression of an image I may or may not take further as an oil painting.

Roof Study NS.jpg
Pine Island_PhilipCarroll.jpg

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